Rainbow over Stowell Farm

Thanks for sharing the shot Aaron. 

Finally…new signage

We’ve put these up for about two years? Maybe a bit less…but we should really order them up from the sign shop in Montpelier. Funny….the cobbler’s children…and me and our signage. Time to focus. What’s the vote? Are they good enough to go to press? 

The Big Harvests

I am so amazed. The growing season continues and the days move from one crop to another—bursting on our landscape. Beginning with fiddleheads, dandelions, nettles, burdock and lambs quarters, we move into the garden’s bounty: garlic scapes, kale, spinach, lettuce, mustard greens, peppers, and sweet peas. New flowers open each day! Lately, I’ve been harvesting and drying roses (of all types) and red clover. Also watching the bees hover over calendula. Really…take a deep breath—it’s beautiful and amazing.

100 posts!

100 posts!

My Daughter’s Lovely Gift to Her Pregnant Friend

We had a lovely baby shower here on the 15th. Sammie and I pulled together some herbs and made a baby-herbal-bath mix. She (Sammie) took this lovely picture prior to packing in a burlap bag and scenting (a touch) with lavender and rose. 

Lovely Mints

Sheep are growing and happy…

This year, we had 170% success—which means we did really well with our lambing. Everyone is healthy and well. We added the three Dorpers to the flock before lambing—and then 12 East Freshians after. Lovely crew. Our 12 lambs (born here this year) are all well and precious. Larry, our bottle fed and rejected little guy is happy as a lamb and well cared for. Ducks and chickens are also thriving in the lushishness of spring/summer.

Garden Progress—2014

Most of the seedlings (started inside over February, March and April) did all right! The transition to the greenhouse was a good one. Transition to the garden was a little tough for some folk—lots of flea beetles and squash beetles. But… most is thriving now. Big variety of roots, leaves and flowers this year. A new medicinal garden behind. Shade gardens and cutting flowers. 

Good Reading

Fedco was introduced to me about 4 months ago. Great and fun catalogs. Also, please check out Nicko’s tree farm: East Hill Tree Farm in Plainfield. 

Horse Chestnut Tree (amazing and beautiful)

The Horse Chestnut is one my most favorite trees. We have one on the corner of the property—next to the barn and between the house and the sheep pastures. I’ve watched it this spring. It’s an amazing beauty—first creating tight, perfect, delicately-almost-oriental-type buds, opening up to soft and amazing florals (pictured below) which rise up in soft yellow cone-type forms (which attract the bees!), and finally…in just three to five days…morphing into these prickly, craggy, spiky homes for seeds. Such a lovely evolution. Such a contrast in textures, colors…. I will continue to watch this tree through the summer, fall and winter.